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Big Mike’s Comix

Big thank you to Big Mike for inviting me on the start of his new journey!
I was on-site for a week in Atwater, CA, helping get things set up and in place and ready to go.
It’ll be open soon, but you can’t rush perfection.
Big Mikes Comix website screenshot

Big Mike’s Comix is a Full shopify site with built-in Manage Comics 2 integration
on-site consultation

A row of custom wooden comic display boxes full of comics
interior photo of Big Mikes Comix showing wall displays and a row of custom wooden comic display boxes holding comics
interior shot of Big Mikes Comix showing stacks of comics on a table


This job included on-site consultation.
I travelled to Atwater, CA., and spent a week helping Mike set everything up.  Put together a POS system, set up a dozen accounts with distributors, organized thousands of comics, and went over the finer points of Shopify and Manage
Comics, worked through the creation of workflows and going over the basics of in-store displays.

Ivan is an absolute wizard when it comes to designing websites on the Shopify platform. His patience and flexibility throughout the project were commendable, even with my constant rescheduling. Once I finally gave the green light, Ivan worked his magic and delivered a stunning website in record time. But his dedication didn’t stop there.

We also collaborated on a week-long consulting trip to California, where Ivan went above and beyond to help me get my new store up and running. From fine-tuning the website to setting up POS hardware and software, teaching me the ins and outs of the manage comics platform, and even categorizing a massive collection of comics, Ivan’s expertise was invaluable. I can’t stress enough how grateful I am for Ivan’s unwavering support and skill. Thank you, Ivan, for making my vision a reality and for being an exceptional partner in this journey.
You truly are the best!

Mike Sperry

Owner, Big Mikes Comix