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Hill City Comics

Give a big hello to Hill City Comics & Cards, from Thunder Bay, ON!
I built their new Shopify site and transferred over all of their customers, customer pull lists, and products. (With some help from the owner, Robert Quinn) working with Manage Comics
– He has a MASSIVE inventory, with some real golden age and silver age gems, including Eeries, Creepies, and Boris Karloff Presents, which are some of my favorites.
See my post about metafields to find out how I was able to customize Shopify to better suit his classic comics, and all of the data, like comic grades, with them.
If you happen to sell a lot of specialty products with info that would be useful for customers, but doesn’t fit in with the standard Shopify Item, whether it be slabbed and graded comics, or CCG or TTRPG and miniatures, lets talk about custom metafields
Hill City Comics and Cards website screenshot

Hill City Comics is a Full shopify site with built-in Manage Comics 2 integration
It also included ComicSuite product and customer import
As well as custom meta fields

screenshot showing custom meta fields on a Shopify products page

Custom Meta-Fields

Tracking and organizing by age, and grade. If a book is CGC graded, specifics concerning its score,
Key information… Moreover, how to display only the information for each item that makes sense.

I don’t want to devote space for key info for books that are not key issues. It gets messy, fast.

The work Ivan did was not only exactly how I wanted my website to look, the functionality was better than expected. The Metafields he came up with for Vintage Comics is fantastic and a must for any store doing a lot of back issue business. We had a very large inventory of comics to get into Shopify (over 75,000 items) and no matter what problems we ran into during the move Ivan solved them and got us up and running in no time.
Thank you Ivan for all your hard work
Robert Quinn

Owner, Hill City Comics & Cards