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Pieces of Nerd

Pieces Of Nerd is an online shop out of Massachusetts.
I built their Shopify store and set them up on Manage Comics back in July. They have a great collection of ratio variants, amongst other things.
Pieces of Nerd website screenshot

Pieces of Nerd is a Full shopify site with built-in Manage Comics 2 integration

Building a website out of your ideas is tough, challenging, and intimidating.
However, when introduced to Ivan, the passion he has for the job put my mind at ease! With some bad jokes, elbow grease, and savvy, Ivan takes all your information, and makes your dream a reality! Even if it is a little off, Ivan works WITH you and makes it what you want. A reality!
Thank you Ivan!  -and I still owe you pizza!

Topher Hurley

Owner, Pieces of Nerd