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We are Your Factotum

Your website needs to look amazing, be easy to use, and sell products while also synccing up with your offline inventory.  We do that.

And we make it look easy.

-And we keep it running smoothly with our comprehensive Shopify maintenance plans.

Full Service

We can build you a high end full service site, walk you through setting up your Shopify POS, and even do a full import from ComicSuite to Shopify.

Quick Refresh

If you have an existing Shopify website and just want to make it more engaging and visually interesting, we can do a quick refresh to improve your conversions.


Comicsuite Import

If you are looking to get off of ComicSuite, we’re here to help.  We’ve done this a number of times (including for our own store back in 2020) and we know all of the pitfalls and how to avoid them.

Keep Your Shopify Store Running Smoothly & Securely

Don’t Let Your Shopify Store Fall Behind – We’ve Got Your Back.  Our maintenance plans ensure your store stays secure, up-to-date, and optimized for maximum performance. Focus on running your business, while we handle the technical details.

Here’s what some people are saying about us.

Ivan has a knack for knowing what's important on a shop's website, and he makes Shopify SING! He also cares about store owners and makes sure they're comfortable with the system before handing it off. I couldn't recommend Your Factotum more!

Brian Garside, President of Manage Comics

Brian Garside

President, Manage Comics

Make no doubt about it, Ivan is a high-octane creativity machine. Any project we would collaborate on would be 100 times better for having him on the team. Hire this man on sight!

Dave Mansfield, Creative Director of Studio Pelegroso

Dave Mansfield

Creative Director, Studio Pelegroso

At my previous company, I brought Ivan in to help out with banner ad production. He picked up the process super quickly and was a great resource for keeping up with high demand with tight turnarounds. I could trust on him to work hard to get things done well and on schedule.

Ben Goldman, Partner/Creative Director of Bailey & Co.

Ben Goldman

Partner/Creative Director, Bailey & Co.

I know Ivan to be a good person and a capable designer. He has an innate curiousity which enables his work and his ability to provide insightful solutions.

Don Kerr, Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer,, Wakeup Agency

Don Kerr

Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, Wakeup Agency

Ivan transitioned my website to Shopify with a clear understanding of my business' needs and personal vision. Great communication throughout and an even better than expected final product!

Dan Degnan, Owner of South Side Comics

Dan Degnan

The work Ivan did was not only exactly how I wanted my website to look, the functionality was better than expected. The Metafields he came up with for Vintage Comics is fantastic and a must for any store doing a lot of back issue business. We had a very large inventory of comics to get into Shopify (over 75,000 items) and no matter what problems we ran into during the move Ivan solved them and got us up and running in no time.
Thank you Ivan for all your hard work
Robert Quinn, Owner of Hill City Comics & Cards

Robert Quinn

Building a website out of your ideas is tough, challenging, and intimidating.
However, when introduced to Ivan, the passion he has for the job put my mind at ease! With some bad jokes, elbow grease, and savvy, Ivan takes all your information, and makes your dream a reality! Even if it is a little off, Ivan works WITH you and makes it what you want. A reality!
Thank you Ivan! -and I still owe you pizza!

Topher Hurley, Pieces of Nerd testemonial headshot

Topher Hurley

Ivan is an absolute wizard when it comes to designing websites on the Shopify platform. His patience and flexibility throughout the project were commendable, even with my constant rescheduling. Once I finally gave the green light, Ivan worked his magic and delivered a stunning website in record time. But his dedication didn't stop there.

We also collaborated on a week-long consulting trip to California, where Ivan went above and beyond to help me get my new store up and running. From fine-tuning the website to setting up POS hardware and software, teaching me the ins and outs of the manage comics platform, and even categorizing a massive collection of comics, Ivan's expertise was invaluable. I can't stress enough how grateful I am for Ivan's unwavering support and skill. Thank you, Ivan, for making my vision a reality and for being an exceptional partner in this journey.
You truly are the best!

Mike Sperry, Owner of Big Mikes Comix

Mike Sperry